29 Michigan workers died on the job in 2015

Dec 31, 2015

Credit benjamin sTone / Creative Commons http://michrad.io/1LXrdJM / cropped from original

An annual report from the Michigan Occupation Safety and Health Administration says 29 workers lost their lives on job sites this year.

The most recent death involved a 17-year-old farm hand who was found unresponsive a short time after arriving for work. 

MIOSHA said atmospheric testing showed high levels of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, possibly from a steam generator near where the teenager was working.

Other workers died this year after being crushed or struck by equipment.

In better news, Tanya Baker with MIOSHA said workplace deaths in Michigan have been decreasing.

There were 37 fatalities last year compared to this year's 29. 

Baker said the state is working with employers to reduce the number further.

"We're shedding light on those who are doing things right that can serve as an example to other companies who are looking to improve their safety and health," Baker said.

Baker said MIOSHA offers free workplace safety inspections without threat of penalty or citation, and will make recommendations to improve safety and health management systems.