32 campsites closed at McLain State Park for safety reasons

Jan 31, 2015

HANCOCK, Mich. (AP) - State officials have closed 32 waterfront campsites at F.J. McLain State Park in the Upper Peninsula because of unsafe conditions and erosion along the Lake Superior shoreline.

The DNR Parks and Recreation Division currently is working on a management plan for F.J. McLain State Park to address the zoning, erosion and infrastructure issues that have affected the landscape of the park.
Credit The Department of Natural Resources

  The Michigan Department of Natural Resources says 18 sites at the park near Hancock will remain closed permanently, while 14 will be evaluated in the spring for safety and accessibility.

  If any are reopened, they'll be available at the park on a first-come, first-served basis. That will enable staffers to monitor the sites and close them if risks arise without canceling advance reservations.

  The DNR's Parks and Recreation Division is working on a plan to deal with zoning, erosion and infrastructure problems at the McLain park.