About 200 pigs were let loose in Michigan

Nov 15, 2016

About 200 pigs are on the loose in Michigan after a tractor-tailer incident.

Yup, you heard us right.

This information comes from Caleb Whitmer of The Holland SentinelWhitmer tells us about 2,000 young pigs were in a Dykhuis Farms Inc. tractor-trailer headed to Indiana.

Then the tractor-trailor — which contains four levels — had its bottom floor broken after colliding with a truck on Tuesday morning, The Holland Sentinel reports. This lead to 200 pigs escaping. 

More from Whitmer:

"About 10-20 pigs were injured or killed in the impact."

"The tractor-trailer was traveling west on 136th Avenue in Manlius Township and stopped at the two-way stop sign at 58th Street. Because of the heavy fog, the driver rolled down the windows to check for traffic, Dykhuis said. The driver didn't see or hear anything, pulled into the intersection, and was struck by a truck traveling north on 58th."

He even found some pigs on the scene, posting pictures of them to Twitter.