Activists calling for Michigan water reform wrap up 70 mile trek

Jul 10, 2015

A group of protesters walked from Detroit to Flint to bring attention to local water issues.
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A group of activists protesting water shutoffs in Detroit and water quality issues in Flint wrapped up a 70 mile walking journey between the two cities this week.

Members and supporters of the Detroit People's Water Board Coalition are calling on Michigan lawmakers to end shutoffs and implement an income-based water affordability plan.

They're also calling on Michigan lawmakers to implement a water affordability plan.

Coalition member Priscilla Dziubek said other cities around the country have income-based plans to help keep municipal water systems "flush."

"People have a human right to water," she said. "They also have a right to clean and affordable water."

Protesters who made the week-long trek stopped in several townships and municipalities along the way.

The event wrapped up with a rally on the steps of the Capitol Friday morning.