Airport tax deal gets approval from Lansing, DeWitt Township

Oct 24, 2011

A proposed expansion plan for Lansing’s airport took a big step forward Monday night.  

The Lansing city council and DeWitt Township both approved a deal to share tax revenues from the airport.  

 Some city council members say they’re concerned Lansing is giving up control as part of the deal.   

Bob Trezise is the city’s economic development director.   He says the deal shows what must be done to make regional cooperation work. 

 “DeWitt Township isn’t going to come to an agreement to share revenue that’s already in their area and is their property.    They’re not going to come to an agreement if we say ‘By the way, (the city of Lansing) has all 100% of the decision making with regard to this area, especially and including tax incentives," says Trezise, who's leaving his job as the CEO of the Lansing Economic Development Corporation in a few weeks to take over as the head of the Lansing Economic Area Partnership, a regional economic development group.  

The tax deal can still fall through if the state does not approve a special economic development designation for future airport expansion.