Almost ready? Officials promise most of Cobo Center will be open for Detroit's auto show

Dec 21, 2012

The North American International Auto Show is less than a month away.  But part of Detroit’s Cobo Center is still a very active construction site.

Rain is pouring through gaps in the roof.  Construction crews are using heavy equipment.  The space hardly looks like a scenic atrium.

But officials say wait three weeks.

The final phase of a $279 million renovation of Cobo Center is close to completion.

Patrick Bero is the CEO of the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority.  He had to strain to speak over the sound of construction work in the Cobo atrium, but Bero insists auto show attendees will be able to walk through the atrium without a hard hat.

‘It’s going to look nice for the auto show,’ says Bero,  ‘We have a plan in place with the auto show……They’re going to have displays down there. They’re going to have events down there.’  

After the auto show, construction crews will sweep back in to complete the work of transforming the old Cobo Arena into a Ballroom.

The work should be finished by June.