Ambassador Bridge owners fail in another effort to stop Gordie Howe bridge

Aug 29, 2017

The Michigan Court of Claims has thrown out yet another attempt to stop the Gordie Howe International Bridge from ever getting built.

The lawsuit came from a suite of companies owned by the Moroun family, which also owns the competing Ambassador Bridge.

The family has tried all kinds of legal maneuvers over the past few years to stop the Howe Bridge in its tracks.

This Court of Claims lawsuit challenged the 2012 deal Governor Snyder made with Canada to get the bridge going.

It also challenged the way Canada is reimbursing Michigan to buy land for the new bridge.

Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled those claims weren’t filed before the statute of limitations ran out.

Stephens declined to rule on another claim that the Michigan Department of Transportation is improperly condemning land for the new bridge, saying that’s outside the Court or Claims’ jurisdiction.