Amid brewing trade war, Michigan courts Chinese business leaders

May 11, 2018

Gov. Rick Snyder has courted Chinese investments from large corporations like Foxconn whose founder and chairman, Terry Gou is pictured here.
Credit Michigan Governor's Office

Maybe no one mentioned it to you, but this has been Michigan-China week. Chinese officials and business people from six provinces have been visiting Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Grand Rapids.

Before we get to this week’s inaugural visit, let’s go over what’s happened in the last year and a half. Chinese President Xi Jinping has been sounding much more nationalist, and American President Donald Trump has been talking about tariffs on several Chinese imports.

Brian Connors, executive director of the Michigan-China Innovation Center, joined Stateside to talk about the visit, Chinese-American relations, Chinese investment in Michigan, and China’s budding automobile industry.

Listen above.

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