Bill Clinton exhorts churchgoers, union members to vote

Nov 6, 2016

Bill Clinton in Flint last month.
Credit Cheyna Roth / MPRN

Michigan is getting battleground state attention from the presidential candidates and their top emissaries. Republican nominee Donald Trump is in Macomb County today. Meanwhile, former President Bill Clinton stopped by a couple of churches in Flint before addressing a packed union hall in Lansing.

“We are stronger together,” Clinton told the crowd. “Michigan proves the virtues of solidarity. The UAW proves the virtues of solidarity.”

Clinton said he thinks the race would not be so close if there were more attention on issues.  

“Because this is an election where the coverage has been dominated by the absolute conviction that anger is better than answers, but it isn’t!” Clinton said. “That resentment is better than empowerment, but it’s not.”

Polls suggest Michigan could be very close on Election Day, even though Democrats have carried the state in every presidential race since 1992.

Hillary Clinton will stop by Grand Rapids tomorrow, followed several hours later with a visit by Trump, who will wrap up his campaign with a late-night rally in the city.