Black Lives Matter: It’s not about accusing individual police officers, it’s about the system

Sep 16, 2016

The Detroit Journalism Cooperative commissioned a poll, asking people about race. It was conducted by Epic-MRA.

The sample was unique in that one-third of those surveyed lived in mostly black communities, one-third from communities which include different races, and one third from mostly white communities.

Among the questions asked was how people viewed the group Black Lives Matter. In total, 54% said they support the group. Broken down by race: 79% of African Americans support Black Lives Matter, compared to 34% for whites and 48% of Latinos and other races.

Black Lives Matter - Detroit plans to release its platform, called “Keep Black Lives Living in Detroit.” That’s expected in late October. Before then, the group is hosting community forums and knocking on doors to better understand Detroit residents concerns.

John Sloan III from Black Lives Matter - Detroit joined Stateside to talk about the group's effort to raise awareness. 

Listen to the full interview above to hear more about the community outreach efforts for Black Lives Matter and how, according to Sloan, the group are focused on more issues than just police brutality.

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