Buena Vista will vote on a school millage they've already rejected - twice

May 1, 2017

On Tuesday, voters across Michigan will decide whether to renew local taxes that fund public schools.

And voters in one Michigan community will be asked to vote for a millage renewal, that they’ve already rejected twice.

The state closed the Buena Vista school district in 2013.   Its students were divided among three other districts, including Saginaw public schools.

Since then, Buena Vista voters have twice shot down a renewal of a school millage on local businesses.

Tamara Johnson is with the Saginaw school district and a Buena Vista high graduate.  She understands the resentment among Buena Vista residents.  Nevertheless, she says they should vote for the millage this time.

“If you have children in Buena Vista, they have to go to school somewhere.  So this is just helping to fund to educate your children and is not coming out of your pocket,” says Johnson.

Even if Buena Vista voters say no again, it may be a moot point.   This time, voters across the Saginaw school district are also voting.  If a majority in the district approve, the millage will be renewed, even if Buena Vista voters say ‘no.’