BWL says changes will avoid repeat of 2013 ice storm power outage

Nov 21, 2015

Nearly two years ago, a massive ice storm knocked out power for more than a week to thousands of people in Lansing.  The utility company is promising in a new report it won’t happen again.

40,000 Lansing Board of Water & Light customers lost power during the pre-Christmas ice storm in 2013. Many were still without electricity on New Year’s Eve.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

Just before Christmas, 2013, an ice storm knocked out power to 40,000 Lansing Board of Water &Light customers.  Many were still without power on New Year’s Eve.

Several reports faulted the utility management for the slow response.   BWL’s general manager was eventually fired.

A few days ago, BWL released its final report on how it followed the recommendations of the community review team that studied the utility’s problem plagued response to the storm.

The report says the utility has improved its emergency preparedness, added line crews to restore power and replaced inadequate technology.

But the improvements come with a price.   BWL is looking at a possible rate increase to cover the added costs.