Canada may legalize marijuana but nothing will change at Michigan's border crossings

Apr 14, 2017

Bills to legalize recreational marijuana for adults were introduced in the Canadian Parliament Thursday. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection says no matter what Canada does, it's not going to change anything at the Michigan border.

The agency says its officers are highly trained to detect the illegal importation of narcotics. So anyone hoping to buy marijuana in Windsor, Sarnia, or Sault Ste. Marie and return to the U.S. with it could face fines and arrest. 

The agency also says local police will be called if people crossing into Michigan are suspected of driving under the influence of weed. 

Marijuana legalization has the support of Canada's Liberal government, but it could be a year before new laws are enacted.

It is legal for people in Michigan to use marijuana only for medical reasons. Patients using it must get a prescription from a doctor, and they can grow no more than 12 plants for personal use, under strict growing conditions, or they can purchase the drug from a licensed caregiver or dispensary.