Canadian Auto Workers inch closer to deal with GM, Chrysler

Sep 19, 2012

The head of the Canadian Auto Workers union says General Motors is waiting for a counter proposal from the union, and he says there has been significant progress toward a new labor deal.

CAW President Ken Lewenza says the union will make the offer today. He also says progress has been made with Chrysler.

The union reached a tentative deal with Ford earlier this week.

From CBC News Windsor:

The head of the Canadian Auto Workers union expects to see a new contract proposal from General Motors and expressed optimism Tuesday that a tentative deal could be reached soon.

"The best thing I can say is we're having constructive discussions with General Motors today and there's a similar feeling of optimism at Chrysler at the subcommittee level, although there hasn't been a lot of work at the senior levels," CAW president Ken Lewenza told reporters.

Discussions with both automakers will continue through the night.