Car thieves stay home at Christmas - but not New Year's Day

Dec 25, 2014

A creative attempt to deter car theft
Credit flickr.com

The National Insurance Crime Bureau tracks car thefts by just about any variable you can think of, including holiday car thefts. 

The Bureau's Frank Scafidi says in many states, the lowest number of car thefts take place on Christmas Day, "so maybe there's still a little holiday Christmas spirit among thieves, too."

But the most popular holiday - New Year's Day - is just around the corner.

Scafidi says it's a bit of a mystery why thefts peak that day.

"Who knows, people are out partying, and they get sideways and can't remember where their car is, so they end up stealing somebody else's or, what have you."

Scafidi says many thefts happen because people leave the car running, while they dash into the house or a store "just for a minute."