Check out these award-winning Instagram pictures from Detroit's Brush Park

Nov 12, 2013

A Detroit Free Press photo editor won a $3,000 grant for her latest project — capturing her community through her iPhone lens.

The Freep’s Diane Weiss was awarded one of seven Short Grants from the National Press Photographers Association. Weiss won the grant for her series of Instagram photos from Brush Park, her neighborhood in Detroit’s Midtown. According to Weiss, she wanted to find a way to capture images that all of Brush Park’s residents could relate to.

“The neighborhood is made up of old and new housing, old and new residents and fragmented by the landscape. I want the exhibit to break down those barriers and bring this diverse neighborhood together.”

The money Weiss earned from the grant will go toward funding an exhibit of the photos.

Check out a few of her award-winning pictures (if the photos don't load below, you can go this Instagram account):

- Melanie Kruvelis, Michigan Radio Newsroom