City of Detroit launches new website, makes more data available online

Feb 19, 2015

A screen grab of Detroit's new data website.
Credit City of Detroit

In what officials call an effort towards greater transparency, the city of Detroit launched a website that offers access to many government documents that were once difficult to find. 

"People have questions on how the government works, and it's frustrating when it's difficult to get answers to those questions," said Garlin Gilchrist II. 

Gilchrist is Detroit's Deputy Technology Director for civic community engagement.

"It's frustrating to have to navigate that stuff, when in reality it should be clear. It should be easy. The government should serve you," he said. "It should be at your fingertips." 

Through the website, data.detroitmi.gov, anyone can see reported crimes from the police department, building permits, demolition permits, sales and demolitions from Detroit Land Bank Authority, and more. 

"In the coming weeks and months and years," Gilchrist said, "we're going to be putting out more and more information, so people can have more and more insight into how the city government is serving them."

--Paige Pfleger, Michigan Radio Newsroom