Climbing a frozen waterfall? For these two women, it’s snow problem at all.

Mar 8, 2018


There are many ways to make the most of winter in Michigan, but how about climbing frozen waterfalls? 

Just ask Angela VanWiemeersch and Sasha DiGiulian about swinging their axes and climbing Michigan ice. 


VanWiemeersch is a Southeast Michigan native known as the "ice queen." DiGiulian is a world champion rock climber who came to Michigan to climb ice with VanWiemeersch.


The two women came together as part of a project for Red Bull, a film series about ice climbing in the Upper Peninsula. 

Listen to the full conversation above to hear them share the best climbing spots in Michigan, the biggest differences between rock climbing and ice climbing, and their upcoming plans in Morocco. 


Check out this video:




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