For Clinton transition team, former Gov. Granholm focused on energy and infrastructure

Aug 25, 2016

From the time Hilary Clinton first ran for President in 2008, former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm has been one of her most vocal and visible supporters.

Jennifer Granholm
Credit Flickr user Jim Fruchterman/Flickr / http://j.mp/1SPGCl0

She was recently named part of Hillary Clinton’s transition team.

Michigan Radio’s Rick Pluta spoke with Granholm to learn what her responsibilities would be in the Hillary Clinton administration, if Clinton is indeed elected.

Granholm is one of four other co-chairs on Clinton’s transition team, all of whom work under Chair Ken Salazar, former Secretary of Interior.  

“My portfolio will include the things that I’m passionate about, which includes jobs, energy, advanced manufacturing, small business – that kind of thing – and infrastructure,” Granholm said. “But everybody else has a slice of it.”

Granholm said one of the transition team’s duties is to plan for how Clinton’s promises will become law “given the scenarios of what could happen in Congress.”

But prior to the election, the transition team will put forth only a “barebones effort.”

“Because you want to make sure, obviously, that people are focused on getting the candidate elected,” she said. “After the election, it really blows up to a full-blown, we have got to plan for a whole new transition to power.”

Listen to the full conversation above.


Rick Pluta is Michigan Radio's Lansing Bureau Chief. He spoke with former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm, the recently-named co-chair of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's transition team.

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