Clock ticking for Wayne County residents facing tax foreclosure

May 11, 2015

An extension for thousands of Wayne County residents facing tax foreclosures ends Tuesday.
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

More than 30,000 Wayne County residents are facing tax foreclosure as a deadline extension comes to an end Tuesday.

The county extended the original March 31 deadline after issuing foreclosure notices to around 75,000 properties with delinquent taxes.

Around 85% of those properties were in Detroit.

David Szymanski, Wayne County chief deputy treasurer, said about 2,000 residents used the extension to sign up for payment plans. 

That includes the Interest Reduction Program, which lowers interest on owner-occupied properties from 18% to 6%.

"We’ve broken down these large delinquent tax bills into manageable monthly payments," Szymanski said. "We’re hoping people can keep up with those payments.”

Szymanski said of the properties still facing foreclosure, nearly 20,000 are unoccupied.

"Most people would probably agree that we should foreclose on those properties,” he said.

Szymanski said the county is considering another deadline extension.