Closing the book on Borders' Ann Arbor store

Sep 12, 2011

Today, the doors will close for the final time at the Borders bookstore in Ann Arbor. It’s a significant milestone marking the final days of the Ann Arbor-based bookseller. 

“Well it's so sad….we’ll miss’em…great store,” one longtime Borders customer said as she walked out the door of the bookseller's flagship store. That is the feeling of many people who stopped by the Borders store in Ann Arbor on its last day.    

A liquidation sale left only a few books on the shelves. And many of those bookshelves were also being walked out the door. Everything that wasn’t nailed to the floor was up for sale.

Rachel Criso didn’t buy anything. She just dropped by one last time to visit the bookstore that has been a part of her life for two decades.  

“It was fun to see it all over the world…you go to an airport…all over the world…you’d see a Borders…to watch the decline has been so sad.”

Borders declared bankruptcy earlier this year, eventually falling into liquidation this summer. The last Borders bookstores will close next weekend. Borders was founded in Ann Arbor four decades ago.