Company defends Michigan as a video game development hub

Jul 21, 2016

A Lansing-based video game company is putting the final touches on a video game that got a big helping hand from a Michigan State University computer science expert. 

The game is called Tuebor, which means "I will defend" in Latin.

A gameplay preview of Tuebor showing off one of the playable characters' abilities.
Credit Strength in Numbers Studios

Scott Reschke has been laboring over this game for years, so it's a big moment to see this work come to fruition.

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Reshke is the CEO of Strength in Numbers Studios in Lansing. He sat down with us today to talk about the game and the highly competitive independent video game world. 

Reshke told us that the game's name refers to much of what players will be doing in Tuebor, but also speaks to his determination to succeed as a game developer in Michigan.

"Through this whole process of raising money and opening the company, everybody said, you need to leave, ... you got to go to New York, you got to go to Chicago, you got to go to LA or Seattle or San Francisco," Reshke said.

A player uses one of their hero's special abilities to deal damage to a large number of enemies.
Credit Strength in Numbers Studios

"So I thought, you know what, I'm staying here. So the 'I will defend' isn't just about the game, it's about the whole sense of, we have to stop the brain drain, the talent drain of the state."

Another hint of the game's Michigan roots shows up in the form of a level called New Detroit, a floating 73rd-century hub of technology.

"The whole spirit of Detroit is about perseverance, it's about surviving, it's about rebuilding, it's about being something more than just a place," Reshke said. "We really wanted to pay an homage to the city and the state because … this is where we’re making our stand.”


Scott Reschke is the CEO of Strength in Numbers Studios.