Company ordered to stop work on Detroit demo rehired

Apr 7, 2017

The city of Detroit has approved a new contract with the same company that left 19 demolition sites unfinished for more than 8 months. That work was part of the city's blight removal program, which is currently under federal investigation.

The Detroit Building Authority hired Rickman Enterprise Group last week to remove debris and fill holes at the unfinished sites, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority had ordered Rickman to stop working in July after discovering that the company started the projects without proper authorization. Rickman was not paid for that work. 

The new contract is worth more than $104,000. Rickman is expected to start work on the sites within the week.

A report from Detroit's Auditor General last week highlighted the dangers of the unfinished demolition sites and criticized the city's blight removal program. The report cited poor management, rising administrative costs, and evidence of non-compliance with contract requirements as major issues with the program. The Land Bank vehemently rejected those findings.