Congressman Amash votes against Boehner for House speaker… again

Jan 6, 2015

File photo
Credit Lindsey Smith / Michigan Radio

West Michigan Congressman Justin Amash was part of a small wave of Republicans who voted against John Boehner for speaker of the House today. Boehner’s leadership position wasn’t really in question, but the defection was the largest in recent history.

Amash and Boehner have a history that’s been tense at times.

This is the second time Amash has voted against Boehner for House speaker. The first time was a couple of years ago, shortly after Beohner kicked Amash off the budget committee.

Last time Amash was one of 12 to vote against Beohner. This time he was one of 25. He was the only Republican from Michigan to vote against him.

Amash didn’t criticize Boehner directly, but in a Facebook post Tuesday morning said it’s time for “fresh thinking and new priorities.” Amash also criticized Congress for governing by “crisis and raw partisanship.”