Conservatives shift attention from LGBT to religious rights

Dec 4, 2014

Credit Lester Graham / Michigan Radio file photo

Yesterday the choice of whether to add LGBT rights to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act was stalled in the House Commerce Committee, and it looks like it will likely stay there.

Today, Republicans turned their attention to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. 

The bill was approved by the State House Judiciary Committee today. As Michigan Public Radio's Pluta explains, "critics say this Legislation would give cover to people who want to discriminate based on religious beliefs."

The bill was supposed to temper some of the effects of amending the civil rights act, giving conservatives more of a reason to support the entire package.

Pluta says in the lame duck legislature, though, there's often a lot of change, and anything could happen. He says the LGBT bill is "still only mostly dead."  

*Listen to our conversation with Rick Pluta above