Could Grand Rapids elect its first female mayor this November?

Jan 29, 2015

Commissioner Rosalynn Bliss at the annual Hollyhock Parade in Grand Rapids.
Credit Steven Depolo / Creative Commons

Surprising no one who follows Grand Rapids politics, City Commissioner Rosalynn Bliss has announced she’s running to be the next mayor.

Michigan’s second largest city has never elected a female mayor, and Bliss has a good chance to become its first. 

She’s got support from a wide array of insiders; leaders of neighboring cities, elected state and county officials from both sides of the aisle, and practically the entire Grand Rapids school board.

Rosalynn Bliss is such an establishment candidate, Grand Rapids Brewing Company has a beer named after her.

Bliss has served as a city commissioner since 2006. She’s one of several commissioners who will not be able to run after voters narrowly approved term limits for the mayor and commission in November. She could serve up to eight years as mayor before being term limited again, if elected mayor.

Bliss is Director of Residential Services at DA Blodgett - St. John's, which provides residential services to abused and neglected children.