Crowd funding platform offers grassroots input on medical research

Jun 24, 2016


When dealing with health issues, it's pretty common for us to turn to the internet. There, we hope to find information and answers.

But Eric Polsinelli didn't feel he could trust the internet to answer questions he had about inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Instead, Polsinenlli turned to a unique program offered by the University of Michigan Health System. It's called WellSpringboard.

WellSpringboard is a way for the public to submit medical questions or ideas to University of Michigan researchers. Money is raised through crowdfunding, so researchers can then answer the best questions.


Thanks to this platform, Polsinelli’s IBD question is now the focus of research by University of Michigan gastroenterologist, Dr. Peter Higgins.


Polsinelli and Higgins joined us on Stateside to talk about crowdfunding and research on how lifestyle can affect IBD.



Dr. Peter Higgins is the director of the IBD program at the University of Michigan.


Eric Polsinelli's has lived with Chron's disease for the past 10 years and works to bring attention to IBD.