Dan Gilbert and L. Brooks Patterson sound off on Detroit's economy

Dec 18, 2014

Credit Quicken Loans

There was some recent sand-throwing between Oakland County's feisty executive, L. Brooks Patterson, and Dan Gilbert, who is arguably Detroit's No. 1 booster, both in terms of buying, building, and enticing companies to move to Detroit. 

Patterson took a poke at Gilbert, saying he'd be "more impressed" with Gilbert's job-creating efforts if he brought in "high-tech companies from Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, rather than looking through the fertile vineyards of Oakland County." 

Gilbert fired back by saying we would all do better if we could work together to grow the region and the state. 

Irene Spanos is the director of the Department of Economic Development and Community Affairs for Oakland County, and she joined us on Stateside.

Listen to the full interview above.