Democrats in Congress want House Speaker Paul Ryan to act on Flint crisis now

Jul 14, 2016

Democrats in Congress want House Speaker Paul Ryan to send money to Flint before Congress adjourns for seven weeks.

Congressman Dan Kildee of Flint sent a letter to Speaker Ryan, saying Congress should vote on The families of Flint Act, which Kidlee proposed earlier this year.

The act would pay for infrastructure repairs, health monitoring and economic development in Flint amid the ongoing water crisis.

Kildee says Congress should act now because Flint is still in need two years after the lead contamination became news.

"We think Flint people deserve that kind of help, they did not do this to themselves," Kildee says. "The federal government can help, and it should and we think Congress should have a chance to act, and that's what we're asking for."

Kildee also says Republicans in Congress aren't thinking about cities like Flint.

"Some people in congress, and frankly it's the republican leadership that are principally responsible for what goes to the floor, they don't think about places like Flint, Michigan," Kildee says.

A call to Speaker Ryan's office was not immediately returned.