Details of the tentative deal between the UAW and GM still under wraps | Michigan Radio

Details of the tentative deal between the UAW and GM still under wraps

Oct 26, 2015

Union local presidents will learn more about a tentative deal between General Motors and the United Auto Workers Wednesday.

UAW workers at Lansing's Grand River Assembly Plant will learn the details soon of the union's tentative contract with General Motors
Credit Steve Carmody / Michigan Radio

But not much is public about the deal yet. 

Just hours after the tentative deal was announced, the first next generation Camaro rolled off the assembly line in Lansing.

The crowd of UAW workers, GM officials and local dignitaries cheered as three of the new 2016 Camaros pulled to a stop on the factory floor. 

Local union president Mike Green gushed over the new Camaro. But he was a lot more circumspect about the tentative deal on a new four-year contract.

“All of them are a little different,” Green said, referring to union contracts with each of the automakers. “General Motors is always a little different from Ford or Chrysler’s. So we’ll take a look at it and we’ll roll it out to our membership and they’ll have the final say.”

The deal is expected to be similar to the union just completed with Fiat Chrysler, though more lucrative given GM’s stronger financial position.

The proposed contract with GM covers nearly 53,000 U.S. auto workers.

 Workers at Fiat Chrysler approved a new contract agreement last week. The union hasn't yet reached an agreement with Ford.