Detroit and Macomb County cops team up to fight heroin

Jun 5, 2015

Local law enforcement are working to combat heroin trafficking.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Law enforcement in Macomb County and Detroit are working together to crack down on heroin users and dealers.

It's part of what they're calling Operation Smackdown.

Chief James Berlin with the Roseville Police Department says heroin use in southeast Michigan has risen significantly.

"[Heroin is] affecting every community in some facet,” Berlin said. “Rich or poor, black or white, suburban or city, it doesn't matter."

Berlin said the collaborative effort targets heroin trafficking from all angles.

"Let's try to shut the supply down; let's try to arrest the users and take them out of the pipeline; let's try to get the users help, if they want it, and get them off the drugs," he said. 

Berlin said state and federal officials joined in on a recent two-day sweep that led to over 100 arrests, bringing total arrests for the last six months to nearly 600.