Detroit detective demoted, citizens arrested, for social media comments

Jul 11, 2016

A white Detroit police detective has been demoted for his reaction to the Dallas shootings last week.

Detective Nate Weekley blamed Black Lives Matter for the murders of five Dallas police officers in a Facebook post, although the killer was not actually part of the otherwise peaceful protest. 

Weekley called members of Black Lives Matter "racists" and "terrorists." 

He was demoted to officer and is being reassigned. 

Weekley is the brother of Detroit police officer Joseph Weekley, who shot and killed a seven-year old Detroit girl in 2010 during a raid of her home.

Meanwhile, two people have been arrested in Detroit for making threats against police on social media, and there are warrants for the arrest of two additional people who also made threats. 

The text of those social media posts is not yet available.