Detroit: First year out of bankruptcy (a Detroit Journalism Cooperative documentary)

Dec 21, 2015

A special report looking at the progress, struggles, and failures in Detroit during the city’s first year out of bankruptcy:

  • An investigative reporter fights city hall to acknowledge there are hundreds and hundreds of broken fire hydrants.
  • Many Detroit and Wayne county homeowners are losing their homes to tax foreclosure when they shouldn’t.
  • Unemployment in Detroit is consistently twice the state rate. Employers say too many Detroit residents are unskilled.
  • The working poor are one crisis away from poverty. Car trouble interrupts a promising career.
  • Bus service in Detroit is improving, but you still can’t count on public transportation connections to the suburbs.
  • Auto insurance in Detroit is twice as high as it is in the suburbs, but a plan for cheaper coverage would leave Detroit drivers still paying the highest rates in the state for the worst coverage in the state.
  • Detroit kids are not getting the education they need, and an expert says the state is doing too little to solve the problem.
  • Politicians and boosters talk about Detroit’s comeback, but many residents say they’re being left out.