Detroit International Bridge Company appeals judge's Gateway Project ruling

Mar 31, 2012

The Detroit International Bridge Company is challenging a court ruling that removes its control over a key construction project.

Earlier this month, a judge ordered the Michigan Department of Transportation to completely take over the Gateway Project.

The project is intended to better connect the Ambassador Bridge and nearby highways.

M-DOT and the Bridge Company had been partners in the project. But the Bridge Company was held in contempt of court for ignoring construction plans.

A judge purged that contempt, but also turned total control over to M-DOT.

The Bridge Company says that's not fair--and it’s fighting to regain control of its end of the project.

Lawyers say the Company deserves “a fair chance” to complete the work, and insist the judge’s decision has more to do with the state's desire to build a new, competing bridge downriver.

The Company says its appeal is based on the fact that M-DOT is the BridgeCompany’s “adversary in the lawsuit and competing business.”

In the meantime, M-DOT says it’s in the process of hiring contractors to finish what was the Bridge Company’s portion of the project.