Detroit police chief's advocacy for self-defense gets NRA's attention

May 19, 2014

Detroit's police chief has been getting a lot of attention for his advocacy of people using deadly force to defend themselves.

Credit Sarah Cwiek / Michigan Radio

The stance has put James Craig at odds with many big-city police chiefs, and now it's landed him on the cover of the NRA magazine, America's First Freedom.

At a press conference today, Craig said he does not advocate violence, “but I am an advocate for when faced with a dangerous situation, one that presents an imminent threat to life, or great bodily harm, that one protects themselves."

There have been at least eight incidents so far this year in Detroit when people have shot home intruders.

Craig said it's no secret that some law-abiding Detroiters are armed.

"There's been research done that armed, law-abiding citizens can – and I use the word can – be a deterrent to violent crime."