Detroit police propose fireworks curfew expansion

Jun 4, 2015

Detroit police want a curfew expansion during River Fest this year.
Credit Vito Palmisano

The Detroit Police Department wants to extend a curfew for kids during the city's annual River Fest and fireworks this month.

Minors would have to be off the streets by 6 p.m. for four days this year instead of one, unless they're on the sidewalk outside their own home.

The proposal also makes exceptions for travel between work or educational programs.

Police said the restriction will help keep the peace downtown during the festivities, but some say the curfew is unfair.

City Councilman Andre Spivey said the proposal makes all youth in Detroit out to be criminals.

"I don't think it's fair to say, 'Well you you have to be in front of your house or in the house because of a melee that could take place downtown,'" he said.

Spivey said he hopes the council can work with police on a compromise.

"We shouldn't let a small group of people who acted out last year, the last couple of years shut down our city," he said. "[The festival] is a time to showcase Detroit."

The Detroit City Council will take public comments at a hearing next week before voting on the matter.