Detroit schools chief: Snyder offers "bold" education plan

Apr 27, 2011

The emergency manager of Detroit Public Schools praised Governor Snyder’s education agenda.

Robert Bobb says his call to have every child proficient in reading by the end of third grade is important. And Bobb says he likes Snyder’s ideas for allowing more charter schools.

"I just think that he has put a very bold plan in front of every educational institution in Michigan. And it’s now up to all of the professionals in education to stand behind him and to move as aggressively as possible."

Bobb wants to turn a number of schools in the city over to charter operators. He says several of the governor’s ideas will help that along.

"Having one board over several charter schools: that makes a lot of sense."

Bobb says he’s also pleased that Snyder will push for legislation to free charter operators from having to abide by the terms of a school district’s labor contract when a charter is issued by a school district.

Bobb is offering 45 Detroit schools up for conversion to charter.