By digging into its musical roots, Detroit could grow more positive image

Aug 4, 2016

The Next Idea

Take a moment to think of all the music that's been born and bred in Detroit.

From Motown to techno, rock to hip hop and jazz, and all parts in-between, Detroit artists have made an impression around the world.

Yet, the city's done next to nothing to capitalize on its city's musical heritage. 

Our latest contributor to The Next Idea is leading an effort to change that, by getting Detroit to brand itself as a "music city" and build a downtown museum celebrating Southeast Michigan's rich musical heritage.

Howard Hertz is a leading entertainment attorney and the founder of this as-yet unnamed nonprofit effort.

"Everything going on in Detroit, all of the rebirth in the city, really lends itself to celebrating Detroit's music," Hertz said.

He told us that Detroit is missing an opportunity to capitalize on its own renown.

"Around the world, we're known as a music city," he said, "but we haven't really pushed that button and benefited from the tourism that it can bring and the positive image that it can help give the city."

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