Downtown rally to address rash of gun violence in Detroit

May 31, 2018

Councilwoman Mary Sheffield says a rally will be held in downtown Detroit to address a rash of gun violence throughout the city.

Eight people were shot to death over the Memorial Day weekend, in addition to two men killed in a gun battle at a gas station on May 24.
Credit Daniel Weber / Flickr

Sheffield says Friday's 10 a.m. "call to action" at the Spirit of Detroit statue also will bring attention to Gun Violence Awareness month in June.

A man and woman were shot to death early Wednesday by two men who forced their way into a west side home. Early Tuesday, four people were wounded after an argument downtown.

Police say eight people were shot to death over the Memorial Day weekend and two men were slain May 24 in a gun battle outside a gas station.

Sheffield said in a release that the culture of violence is a "cancerous problem plaguing" Detroit and the nation.