Dozens of cities could contest 2010 census

Jun 29, 2011

Detroit is among a group of dozens of cities that could challenge 2010 census numbers according to the Associated Press.

From the article:

With jobs and federal aid at stake, dozens of U.S. cities — including Detroit — are lining up to contest their 2010 census counts as too low.

A decade ago, there were 1,200 challenges filed by cities and counties. Based on feedback so far, the U.S. Conference of Mayors is predicting a big jump in that number. That's because tighter budgets are making local officials more sensitive to drop-offs in federal money for Medicaid and other programs.

Nearly $450 billion in federal aid is distributed to states based on population each year, or roughly $1,500 per person.

Detroit, New York, Houston, and Miami all plan to challenge the census.

-Brian Short, Michigan Radio Newsroom