E. coli outbreak sickens 6 in Michigan, tied to organic cheese farm

Aug 5, 2016

An E. coli outbreak that's already sickened seven people is being tied to a dairy farm near Grand Rapids.

Grassfields Cheese is a family-owned, organic farm in Coopersville.

It has issued a recall, and Whole Foods has pulled the products from shelves in the Midwest and South.

One person has been hospitalized, though they've already been discharged.

Jennifer Holton of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, says the state’s investigation is still ongoing.

“I always liken this to food safety CSI, except, we can’t do it in 60 minutes or less,” Holton says. "We may not ever be able to find the actual reason for why there was an E. coli issue associated with this particular product.”

Six of the people sickened live in Michigan and one is from out of state.

The state health department is urging anyone who’s eaten Grassfields Cheese and is experiencing symptoms (such as acute diarrhea, bloody diarrhea, and abdominal cramps with little or no fever) to contact their doctor and their local health department.