Economist: Trump's Detroit speech spoke of an America that no longer exists

Aug 9, 2016


Donald Trump had the opportunity to lay out his economic vision for America at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday.


But his speech garnered criticism, including from Michigan State University economist Charley Ballard.

“I heard a lot of stuff that seemed to point toward the America of generations ago,” Ballard said. “In particular, there was nothing about renewable energy. He was talking about coal, so we would go back to an industry that we’ve been relying on less and less and that produces the dirtiest energy.”

Ballard said Trump should’ve talked more about America’s economic future rather than its past.

“There was nothing about the internet,” Ballard said. “There was nothing about entrepreneurship or innovation. And that was a little surprising to me. I thought that there was a missed opportunity for Mr. Trump to look forward a little bit more.”

Ballard joined us to talk about Trump’s speech and analyze the economic policies he put forward.


Charley Ballard is a professor of economics at Michigan State University.

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