EM protestors stage a 'slowdown in Motown' along I-75 on opening day

Apr 5, 2013

The highways around Detroit are being used for displays of civil disobedience over the emergency manager law.

It started last month, and has carried to opening day.

MLive's Gus Burns writes that he was on his way to cover opening day for the Tigers this morning when he decided to tag along with the protestors.

Burns met up with David Bullock with 'Detroit's Change Agent Consortium':

[Bullock] said 10 vehicles participated in Friday's protest, although when state police finally halted the horn-provoking procession, it appeared seven vehicles were stopped.

"We enter he freeway at a normal rate of speed, to about 45 (mph) or so, slow down a bit to about 20, 15 so that the signs can be seen," he said. "Also it is an impediment to traffic as a way to send a signal and message that the emergency manager is an impediment to democracy."

The protest began at Clay Road on the border of Hamtramck and traveled south to near the Madison exit on I-75.

Burns writes motorists were none-too-happy (pounding steering wheels, and all), and the protestors don't seem to be getting much support on Twitter either: