Ex-Macomb County clerk's federal lawsuit dismissed

May 3, 2018

Karen Spranger, appearing before Warren City Council, protesting DTE's smart meters by wearing two hats, sunglasses, and a silver track suit
Credit Macomb Daily

Federal District Judge George Steeh dismissed a lawsuit filed by former Macomb County Clerk Karen Spranger Thursday.

Steeh ruled there was no relief under federal law for the complaints alleged in Spranger's lawsuit.

Spranger alleged there was a Democrat-led conspiracy to force her from office, because she is a Republican. 

The lawsuit also claimed it was a violation of her constitutional rights when the county revoked her authority to run the office as she saw fit.   

The lawsuit was filed before Macomb County successfully sued in a separate circuit court lawsuit to remove her from office, for lying about living in Macomb County when she filed to run.

Spranger is appealing that decision.