Ex-New York mayor mounts ad campaign on carbon-cutting plan

Nov 7, 2015

NEW YORK (AP) - Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is embarking on a $10 million-plus ad campaign to take on opponents of President Barack Obama's plan to reduce power plant carbon emissions.

Attorney General Bill Schuette (R-MI)
Credit Michigan Attorney General's office

  Bloomberg's Independence USA political action committee announced plans Friday to run TV spots aimed at the attorneys general of Florida, Michigan, Missouri and Wisconsin.

  They're among AGs suing to try to block the Clean Power Plan. They say it'll kill coal mining jobs and increase electricity costs.

  Bloomberg says their stance puts coal industry financial interests "ahead of their constituents' right to breathe clean air."

  Wisconsin AG Brad Schimel, spokesmen for Missouri AG Chris Koster, and Michigan AG Bill Schuette say the billionaire New Yorker doesn't grasp how much the plan would hurt their states.

  A representative for Florida AG Pam Bondi hasn't responded to inquiries.