Fast food, fast food everywhere, but no cheap healthy eats

May 23, 2016

Fast food has dramatically changed our food landscape.

Unlike our parents or grandparents, we don't have to plan too far ahead to figure out what's for dinner tonight.

But the greater variety and convenience of ready-to-eat meals hasn't made finding good food easier for everyone.

Youth Radio's Storm White tells us that it can be tough to find a fast, healthy bite to eat without breaking the bank:

NPR and Youth Radio have teamed up to explore the changes in the food industry. In their latest series of reports, they're looking at how those changes are affecting our economy and our young people, who not only rely on fast food for meals, but for employment as well.

They're calling the series Fast Food Scramble.

In our interview below, we spoke about the series with White from Youth Radio and NPR Business Desk Correspondent Sonari Glinton.