Federal government shutdown may add to Michigan's food bank demand

Oct 1, 2013

The federal government shutdown may add to the demand on Michigan’s food banks.

The shutdown is expected to force furloughs of many federal employees and others in Michigan.  Also, programs for the poor face cuts.

Kareemah El-Amin is the executive director of the Food Bank Council of Michigan.  She expects many will turn to food banks for help.   She adds Michigan’s food banks are already taxed to their limit.

“So this could provide a major impact on our funding ability to meet the need,” says El Amin, “Of course, we’re going to do the best we can.”

El Amin says, even if the shutdown is short in duration, communities may feel the impact for a long time after the federal government is back in business.

“It’s very important that we understand these types of cuts and this continued government shutdown is going to have a long term effect on the individuals,” says El Amin, “which are going to impact our communities because we’re going to have to turn back to our communities to help us to help the people in need.”

It’s unclear how many Michiganders may be affected by the shutdown or how long it will last.