Feds taking Michigan to court to get access to some medical marijuana records

Jan 5, 2011

Michigan’s Department of Community Health is refusing to voluntarily turn over the records of 7 medical marijuana patients to the federal government. The federal government is now taking the state to court to get them.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration wants the medical marijuana records of 7 individuals from the Lansing area. Court documents show special agents with the DEA say the records are relevant to an ongoing drug case.

Michigan’s Department of Community Health does keep a list of qualifying patients and their caregivers, but under Michigan’s medical marijuana law, it’s a crime to disclose it. The department ignored a DEA subpoena to turn over the information last June. Now the DEA is asking a federal judge to force the state to turn over the records. Officials with both the federal and state governments declined requests for an interview, citing the pending court case.

A hearing in the case is scheduled in federal court in Grand Rapids next week.