Flint conference looking at ways to help Michigan's manufacturing industries

Sep 4, 2013

Federal, state and local government officials are meeting with Genesee County business leaders today to discuss ways to build up the county’s manufacturing industry.

After decades of decline, Genesee County’s manufacturing base has been growing since the recession.

Much of the growth has been tied to the auto industry.

Janice Karcher is with the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce. She says Flint-area manufacturers are about more than cars and trucks.

“Many of them have a foot in auto,” says Karcher, “but (they) have also diversified into new sectors that have allowed them to ride out economic declines and cyclicalities.”

Karcher says Genesee County manufacturers want more ‘strategic’ help from the government to continue growing. 

No major announcements are planned for today’s conference, but the city of Flint is applying for grants and other federal aid to promote manufacturing in the city.