Flint emergency manager 'conferring' with city unions

Feb 13, 2012

Flint’s emergency manager is talking with city unions.  The talks may be critical to coming up with a way to solve the city’s multi-million dollar budget deficit.

Flint Emergency Manager Michael Brown briefed the city council last night on where things stand on correcting the city’s financial troubles.   Flint faces an $11 million budget deficit this year.

Brown insists he is not rushing to find solutions, despite a statewide petition drive to put a challenge to the emergency manager law before the voters.   There is some question as to how much authority emergency managers like Flint’s Michael Brown will have once the petition signatures are certified. 

“I’m just operating the way I would anyway and I intend on doing that going forward," says Brown. 

Meanwhile, Brown says he’s ‘meeting and conferring’ with a half dozen city unions,  including fire and police unions, on the problems.    Though he’s quick to clarify he’s not negotiating.